Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet

  • Reflective Aluminum Mirror Sheet

    Reflective Aluminum Mirror Sheet

    Reflective Aluminum Mirror Sheet made in China is used in.Building material, insulation, shoes and tens eyes, corner beads, automotive industrial, POP can bottle and cap, deep-proceeding case, light industry....
  • Mirror Finish Anodized Aluminum Sheet

    Mirror Finish Anodized Aluminum Sheet

    Anodized mirror aluminum (bright aluminum, specula aluminum) made in China is one kind of aluminum with bright surface as mirror.Used in Lamps and lanterns,Solar reflective materials....
  • Sheet Glass Aluminum Mirror

    Sheet Glass Aluminum Mirror

    Sheet Glass Aluminum Mirrors are available in either silver or aluminum and suit all atmospheric conditions.The mirror surface is clear and bright, giving distinct and lifelike image .Used in.Furthemaking utensil.Solar reflective film....
  • Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet

    Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet

    Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet is widely used for building wall, ceilings, roofing, furniture cabinet, lighting plate,Shipping plate, solar reflective plate, Corner protector, insulation material, Beverage bottle, cap, ring-pull, cosmetics shell and c...

Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet Technical Specifications

The purity of aluminum is the main effect of mirror surfaces. Mintai Aluminum selection of the 1080 (99.80%)high-purity aluminum, to ensure the mirror reflective rate of 85% or more, with resolutions up to 94% .
Polished mirror finish aluminum sheet must have a good and easy formability, aluminum mirror of the Mintai Aluminum production are suitable for semi-hard state of bending to ensure that the user post-molding process.

The flatness of the mirror surface aluminum also affect the imaging of the important reasons,  Mintai Aluminum purchased Tension Leveler from German, the aluminum surface roughness close to 100%. That's why Henan Mintai AL. CO., LTD is a China-based manufacturer and supplier of aluminum products. 

Polished mirror finish aluminum sheet description

Packaging details:

1. Standard seaworthy export packing, wooden pallets or wooden cases with kraft paper; 
2. the other package ca be made based on the clients requirements. 

3. Package very strong.
Delivery detail: Within 30 days

Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet application

1)Further making utensil.
2)Solar reflective film
3)The appearance of the building

4)Interior decorating:ceilings,walls,etc.
5)Furniture cabinets
6)Elevator decoraction

7)Signs,nameplate,bags making.
8)Decorated inside and outside the car

9)Household appliances:refrigerators,microwave ovens,audio equipment,etc.

10)The consumer electronics:mobile phones,digital cameras,MP3,U disk,etc.
11)LED Light,lampshade,diffuser or fluorescent lamp


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Henan Mintai AL. CO., LTD is a China-based manufacturer and supplier
of aluminum sheet.In order to better serve our customers, we also provide
aluminium slit coil, embossed aluminumsheet, aluminum coil, 5 bar aluminum
tread plate, aluminum coil, aluminum strip, aluminum plastic composite panel,
coated aluminum coil,aluminium sheet,aluminium foil ,aluminium diamond plate
and more. If you have a need for any of our products, we welcome you to
contact us. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you!

Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet Application:

the polished mirror aluminum sheet made in China,reflective aluminum sheet for wall material, such as the building exterior curtain walls,renovations for old building,LED light,lamp shade,background

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