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6000 Series Aluminum Alloy

6005: Extrusions and tubes.
6063: Alloy structural components, such as ladders, TV antennas, etc.
6009: Automotive body panels.
6010: Sheet: Auto Body.
6061: Requires a certain strength, weld ability and corrosion resistance of a variety of industrial structural high, such as the manufacture of trucks, tower buildings, ships, trams, furniture, machinery parts, precision machining using tubes, rods, shaped timber, plates.
Extrusion materials industry profiles, building profiles, as well as for irrigation tubing vehicles, bench, furniture, fence, etc.
6066: Forging and extrusion welded construction materials.
6070: Heavy-duty welded construction and the automotive industry and pipe extrusion material.
6101: Bus bars with high strength, electrical conductors and cooling equipment, etc.
6151: For the crankshaft forging parts, machine parts and production rolling ring, for both require good malleability properties, high strength, corrosion resistance and also to have a good use.
6201: High-strength conductive rod and wire.
6205: Plate, pedal and extrusion resistance, high impact.
6262: Requires superior corrosion resistance alloys 2011 and 2017 high stress threaded parts.
6351: Extruded structural member of the vehicle, water, oil and other transmission pipes.
6463: Construction of a variety of instruments profiles, as well as automotive trim and bright surface after anodizing.
6A02: Aircraft engine parts, complex shape forgings and forging documents.


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