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7000 Series Aluminum Alloy

7005: Extruded material for the manufacture of both high strength and also have a high fracture toughness of welded structures, such as truss transportation vehicles, rods, container; large heat exchangers, and can not be fixed after welding melt parts processing; also used in the manufacture of sports equipment such as tennis rackets and baseball bats;
7039: Freezing container, low temperature equipment and storage tanks, pressure firefighting equipment, military equipment, armor, missile equipment;
7049: The same as for static strength forged 7079-T6 alloy but requires a high resistance to stress corrosion cracking strength or parts, such as aircraft and missile parts - landing gear cylinders and extrusion. Fatigue properties of parts roughly equal to 7075-T6 alloy, while slightly higher toughness;
7050: Aircraft Structural Parts plate, extrusions, forgings and die forgings. Manufacture of such parts of the alloy requirements are: anti-exfoliation corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, fracture toughness and fatigue resistance are high;
7072: Air conditioner with special thin strip of aluminum foil; 2219,3003,3004,5050,5052,5154,6061,7075,7475,7178 alloy plate and pipe cladding layer;
7075: For the manufacture of aircraft structures and futures him requiring high strength, corrosion resistance and strong high-stress structural parts, mold manufacturing;
7175: For the use of high-strength forged aircraft structural. T736 material has good overall performance, namely strength, resistance to exfoliation corrosion and stress corrosion cracking resistance, fracture toughness, fatigue strength are higher;
7178: For the manufacture of aerospace vehicles require high compressive yield strength of the parts;
7475: Body clad with sheet metal and not clad wing skeleton, stringers, etc. Others have both high strength but also have high fracture toughness parts
7A04: Aircraft skin, screws, and force components such as beam stringers, bulkheads, wing ribs, landing gear and so on.


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