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The Characteristics of Stone Honeycomb Board

1. Light weight:
Marble composite plate is the thinnest can only 5mm thick (composite with aluminum honeycomb board).
2. Strength increase:
After the marble and ceramic tile, granite, aluminum honeycomb board and other compound, its anti bending, anti - bending, shear strength is obviously improved, greatly reducing the transportation, installation, use of the process of damage.
3. Anti pollution ability:
Ordinary marble original board (the board) in the installation process or after use process, such as wet cement paste, very may be six months or a year later, the marble surface appear a variety of different color and stains and very difficult to remove. Composite plate due to its bottom is more hard and compact, and a thin layer of glue, to avoid this happening.
4. More easily control the color:
Because the marble composite board is to use the original 1m2 board (the board) cut into 3 or 4 pieces into 3M2 or 4m2. This 3, 4m2 pattern and color almost 100% same, and thus more easily to ensure that the large area of use, the color and pattern of consistency.
5. Easy to install:
Due to have the above characteristics, in the installation process, regardless of weight, easily broken (strength) or color stitching greatly increase the installation efficiency and security, while also reducing the installation cost.
6. A breakthrough in the restricted area:
It is very light weight, only the board of the 1/5 to 1/10. In order to use the stone decorative ceiling it is.


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