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Fire Protection Requirements for Aluminum Products Factory

First, the fire prevention measures
(1) The fuel tank and smelting workshop shall be based on the current "building design fire code". Maintain the necessary fire distance or use a firewall to separate.
(2) tanks, pumps, pipes, valves, etc. fuel equipment, maintenance of flare must be carefully cleaned, remove oil, dirt, ventilation exclude volatile oil and gas, and detector, in that there are no dangerous rear active fire.
(3) When using a cutting method to remove the connection of a pipe or equipment, in case of convenient construction, a side cutting edge cutting edge cooling method is adopted.
Two, surface treatment of fire prevention measures
(1) By water and wind pipe by using high speed air flow and the impact of the water spray, rinse dust in the air, so that dust readily fell in the pool of water and wind pipe.
(2) Reduce the dust concentration in the air duct, absorb the heat in the air, improve the relative humidity in the air, and achieve the dust removal, cooling, eliminating the fire source, eliminating the static electricity.
(3) The air duct should be regularly checked to remove the sewage and add new water; the baffle under the baffle must be immersed in the water under the 200mm, to maintain the amount of water, to prevent the pipe blockage, and regularly clean the dust and fiber in the sedimentation tank.
(4) Without approval, no preventive measures are strictly prohibited.
(5) The building height to spacious expert should be more than 4m. Electrical equipment should be closed or explosion-proof type, switch, etc. should be closed in the fixed switch box.
(6) The air blower and the air quantity of the hot air blower of the heating and ventilating fan shall be roughly equal to the exhaust air volume of the dust collecting cover, so as to avoid the accumulation of dust on the heater. The polishing dust generated during the polishing should be cleared in time to prevent accumulation.



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