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The Reason of Aluminum Veneer Paint

The reason of aluminum veneer products paint, I believe everyone to paint is not strange and the removal of paint after especially the appearance of ugly, and has a certain influence in the use, so in order single aluminum plate products, we must choose qualified standard of aluminum veneer products.
The color of the aluminum veneer products is very monotonous, but aluminum veneer products has its own characteristics can on the surface for processing, and spraying, by spraying after reach the effect you want.
But there are many not pass single aluminum plate products, in use there is peeling, falling phenomenon is to affect the decorative effect of the building, although aluminum veneer products not rusty, but still affect the use. Why, then, some aluminum veneer products will appear this kind of effect, this is some of the following reasons.
First, there may be some manufacturers blind pursuit of efficiency of spraying link demand is too low, leading to surface dirt, chemicals, etc. is not clean, resulting in film can not cover the surface of aluminum, so there will be such a situation, followed by after the paint coating and as a result, the paint film off of one of the reasons, so the spraying of aluminum veneer products is very important, can not be sloppy.
The paint off aluminum veneer products is mainly a variety of reasons caused film can not be very good coverage in the surface of the aluminum veneer, followed by spraying technology does not reach the designated position lead to spray too thick or too thin, these two points are paint, so in the choice of single aluminum plate manufacturers must choose good spraying effect, excellent technology, we are de wide air line, we have advanced equipment, and first-class technology can provide you with satisfactory products.
The Performance of Heat insulation Aluminum Plate
Heat insulation aluminum is a kind of high-grade decoration materials, in the construction has a great use, because of its outstanding features by the company's outstanding features.
1 heat insulation aluminum plate with beautiful, durable, with the function of
Heat preservation material can be closely linked with the decoration materials, from then on to deal with the insulation materials and decoration materials can not be closely linked to the problem. The decoration color is also diversified, and can be processed into the shape of the numerous, more can show the characteristics of the building decoration.
2 heat insulation board of fire, heat insulation function, fire function is also excellent
Thermal insulation aluminum by high temperature does not melt, but the formation of students smoke less, strong anti kindled the porous char and anti flame spread; even insulation aluminum in case of fire or subjected to high temperature, because of its outstanding insulation function, only the appearance of the rapid warming, rapidly coking properties and flame resistance extend and maintain core do not fill incineration, showing a good fire separation.
3 thermal insulation boards has two layers of insulation function
Do come to test insulation plate of two layers of insulation test, in polyurethane foaming die is attached with a piece of aluminum foil, foam molding, aluminum foil to the effect of release agent, and the other side and foaming concern together, to enhance the intensity of wind pressure resistance of aluminum to clarify insulation aluminum two layers of insulation.


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