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Types of Aluminum for Packaging

Aluminum is the only one of the metal, but the history of aluminum used as packaging material for more than 30 years. In recent years, the amount of aluminum in the packaging is increasing, which is due to its excellent performance. It density is small, only steel 1 / 3, the weight is light; excellent process ability, ease of stamping into various complex shapes; corrosion resistance strong, will not rust; barrier, shading, incense is excellent, effectively protect the product; high thermal conductivity, easy to aluminum cans to kill bacteria; a silver white, beautiful color and reflectance of light, easy printing, printing effect is good; non-toxic and tasteless, not because of the aluminum ion escape and to package the food bring peculiar smell; scrap container can be remelted recovery, no environmental pollution. Its main disadvantage is that soft material, the intensity is low, affected by the collision can be easily deformed; poor welding performance, welding seam are not allowed; to acid and alkali corrosion resistance is poor, should not dress food fruits; the cost is higher.
Aluminum packaging materials are mainly pure aluminum alloy aluminum and aluminum foil, etc.
(1) Pure aluminum and aluminum alloy plate
More than 99.9% pure aluminum, the thickness is generally between 0.25~0.3mm. It is soft and low in strength, so it is seldom used as packing material, but it also can be used as a liquor container.
Aluminum alloy sheet is a small amount of magnesium, manganese and copper in the aluminum alloy processing, and become. Aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy and aluminum manganese alloy, also known as anti rust aluminum alloys. The strength and hardness of the alloy aluminum plate were obviously improved, the corrosion resistance was strong, and the polishing performance was good, and the long-term preservation of the appearance remained bright.
Aluminum alloy used for manufacturing container for canned food, canned fish and meat for, not like tin cans produced sulfide blackening phenomenon; more beverage packaging, not to drink made muddy and flavor change phenomenon.
(2) Aluminum foil
The foil is made of pure aluminum and more than 99.5% purity by rolling, thickness between 0.005~0.2mm. It is lightweight and shiny, reflecting the ability, for insulation packaging; barrier, impervious to gases and water vapor; easy processing, easy to its processing into various shapes; convenient printing, glue, painting, coloring, stamping, printing and other; strong adaptability to temperature, high temperature or low temperature shape stabilized; shading, Bao Xiang, excellent. The biggest drawback of aluminum foil is not acid and alkali, not welding, tear strength is low.
It is aluminum foil is widely used in packaging, it can be individually packaged goods; more with paper and plastic film made of composite material, used for packaging food, cigarettes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other, can be made into cooking bags, packaged in a convenient food and cooking food.


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