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The Application of Aluminum.

Aluminum is a very high content of metal elements in the earth, the reserves of the metal in the second place. Until the end of nineteenth Century, to become competitive aluminum cut a striking figure, in the engineering application of the metal, and become fashionable for a time. The development of the three major industries of aviation, construction and car, which has the common properties of aluminum and its alloys, is greatly beneficial to the production and application of this new metal.

Aluminium utensils are also becoming a commodity in the market. Today, aluminum has been carried out into has numerous useless data, the scale of the broad enough to directly by the use of aluminum affect the face next to the modern life.
Non alloying metal grade, the purity to determine, such as aluminum content 99.70% aluminum, perhaps by the Aluminum Association formulated by the way to decide the law to pxxx level to regulate. In the latter case, the number of the P after the letter indicates that the maximum number of points for each of the largest hundred parts of the silicon and the iron. Total international primary aluminum production value is 17.304 106Mg X.
The United States of America's output value accounted for 22.8% of the world's output in 1988,

While Europe accounted for 21.7%. The other 55.5% of the aluminum is produced in Asia (6.6%), Canada (8.9%), Latin America (including South America) (8.8%), Oceania (7.8%), Africa (3.1%) and other regions (21.3%). Primary characteristics of aluminum: aluminum and its alloy excellent characteristics is its appearance is good, lightweight, good machinability and physical and mechanical properties and corrosion resistance good, so that the aluminum and aluminum alloy in many application fields is considered the most economical and practical.
The density of the aluminum is only 2.7g/cm3, and the density of the steel, copper or brass (cm3 8.93g/, cm3 7.83g/), 1/3. Under most environmental conditions, aluminum can show excellent corrosion resistance in air, water (or salt water), oil chemistry, and a lot of chemical systems.

The surface of the aluminum has a high degree of reflection. Radiation, visible light, radiation and heat waves can usefully be aluminum reflector, and the appearance of the anodic oxidation and dark anodic oxidation can be h is reflected, also can be absorbent, polished aluminium in a wide wavelength range with excellent reflection. Therefore, it has various decoration use and with the use of reflex function.
Aluminum is generally shown to have excellent electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, with high resistivity of some specific aluminum alloy has been developed, these alloys can be used for such as high torque motor
Aluminum toxicity commonly used in the production of food and beverage containers. Its natural appearance has a pleasant appearance. It is soft and shiny, and it can be used to color or dye on the lines in order to be beautiful.
Some aluminum alloys are beyond the structural strength, but the strength and hardness of the pure aluminum and some aluminum alloys are very low. In modern life, aluminum is widely used in the construction industry.


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