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The Application of Aluminum Foil(一)

At present, China has become second only to the second largest aluminum foil in the United States took charge of the country, but per capita annual consumption of only 0.22 kg, appropriate to one tenth of the developed countries to one twentieth, China aluminum foil market contains enormous business opportunities. Four uses of aluminum foil are:
Air conditioner foil
Air conditioner foil is a special material for the heat exchanger fin of air conditioner. In order to improve the surface properties of plain foil, a hydrophilic foil is formed in the form of inorganic coating and hydrophilic coating. The current%&1, which accounts for the total amount of the foil, the proportion of its use will be further progress. There is also a kind of hydrophobic foil, so that the fin surface with hydrophobic function, to avoid condensation of water stick. Because of the hydrophobic foil to improve the appearance of the skills to be further studied, the current practice of producing little.
Air conditioning foil thickness is 0.1mm ~ 0.15mm. Along with the development of the skills, air conditioning foil has a further thinning trend, Japan's leading product thickness is 0.09mm. In thin, aluminum foil with good formability and its arrangement and performance are average, less metallurgical defects, small anisotropy, together with the need to high strength, good ductility, uniform thickness, flatness. Standard and alloy foil for air conditioner is relatively simple, suitable for mass production, but the shopping season strong, on aluminum foil for air conditioner professional manufacturers, it is difficult to deal with season outstrips supply and cool season is simply no contradiction.
Because of moving weak stocks by market need, in recent years, China's air conditioner foil production ability and skill level will continue to progress, has been formed large, medium, high school low production of aluminum foil for air conditioner group company, some large companies such as the North China aluminum, Bohai aluminum product quality fundamental has reached world leading level. Because the domestic production capacity is over, the market competition is unusually fierce.

Two, cigarette packaging foil
China is the world's largest cigarette production and consumption country, China currently has 146 large cigarette factory, with an annual output of cigarette 34 million total Daxiang, simply use the packing of the cigarette foil, 30% during the selection of spray plating foil, 70% of the selection of rolling aluminum foil, rolling aluminum foil consumption of 3.5 million tons, followed the health of the citizens awareness enhancement and imported cigarette impact, smoke foil demand add significantly slowed down, it is estimated that in recent years, will increase slightly. China's cigarette packaging foil accounted for 70% of the total amount of double zero foil, current home has two or three companies can produce high-quality smoke foil, skill level and world level appropriate, but homebred smoke foil overall quality and the world level have certain distance.


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