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Analysis of Bauxite Pre Dressing Method

Bauxite is actually refers to the industry can use, gibbsite, boehmite or a water diasporas as the main mineral consisting of ore collectively. Bauxite in China's industrial field has a wide range of uses, every year China's huge demand for bauxite.
Bauxite and alumina, usually consists of three kinds of Diaspora, soft water aluminum stone and Sansui aluminum ore minerals, and in various proportions a finely dispersed colloidal mixture. Bauxite often associated with iron oxides and hydroxides, antae and kaolin, chlorite and clay minerals. Bauxite with its impurities can be divided into high alkali, high titanium bauxite, and bauxite High-speed Rail three.
From bauxite ore points to elect the process of bauxite concentrate in fact is a removal of the gangue minerals and harmful impurities, separation high aluminum mineral and low aluminum minerals, in order to obtain the high aluminum silicon ratio of concentrate.
The main ore dressing methods of bauxite are washing, flotation, magnetic separation, chemical processing, etc.. Ore washing is to improve bauxite aluminum silicon ratio is the most simple and effective method, the ore washing can generally be ore aluminum silicon ratio increased about 2 times, the confrontation of loose ore sorting is more effective. Wash mine is often combined with other sorting method to form a wash (sieve wash) a classification - hand selection process.
The flotation method can be used to separate water and aluminum and kaolin, and the oxidation of paraffin and oil as collector, in alkaline medium. Chemical processing, mainly the desalination by roasting, which is based on the ore mainly silicon containing minerals is hydrous aluminum silicate, after calcinations SI) (Z transformation for amorphous soluble in alkali silica particles and improve the material of aluminum silicon ratio.
Generally speaking, the main ore dressing process will be based on different types of ore, using different mineral processing process. Such as gibbsite and kaolin in bauxite beneficiation process, often using advanced in mud and sand separation, coarse level after grinding with magnetic iron removal, slurry grinding ore flotation. The flotation reagents were prepared by oleic acid, oil and oil in 1:1:1.
Bauxite flotation concentrate grade containing alumina 45.3%, the recovery rate of 49.65%. And high silicon bauxite desalination flotation process, the flotation method is a more effective and aluminum minerals catching agent with fatty acid and sulfuric acid salts, adjusting agent has six partial sodium phosphate, tannic acid, coke sodium phosphate, soda, sodium carbonate, sodium. High iron bauxite ore dressing process will be based on the content of iron minerals, type and embedded characteristics, take different methods of iron removal.
In general, the ore dressing method is complicated, in the process of mineral processing, according to the type and characteristics of the ore to choose the appropriate mineral processing technology. At present our country's bauxite flotation method for ore sorting.


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