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6063 Rare Earth Aluminum Alloy Used in Construction and Industry

Rare earth 6063 aluminum alloy (entry "alloy" by industry Encyclopedia) is a kind of the most commonly used deformation alloy, used for industrial and civil buildings and its components (%) for Mg0.67 to 0.70, Si0.45 ~ 0.48, fe0.20 ~ 0.21, more than for aluminum. Added in the alloy smelting process as from 0.20 to 0.25% of rare earth metals and tensile strength increased by 24%, extrusion Increase the corrosion resistance and color. Al-Si-M (Mg, Mn, M=Cu) alloy used in the manufacture of cylinder block and piston.
Rare earth zinc aluminum alloy
In order to prevent the corrosion of steel, it is usually used in Zn-Al hot plating alloy (Galfan), which has better formability and corrosion resistance, but zinc consumption is higher and the corrosion resistance is also improved. In recent years, the development of Zn-Al-Mg-RE alloy was successfully developed and put into production. The flow property, corrosion resistance and the formation of the coating are superior to that of Zn and Zn-Al alloy.
Rare earth copper alloy
Tin bearing material with bronze (i.e. Babbitt), but the price is more expensive. Rare earth wear-resistant lead bronze alloy (RPH) service life is 1.5 times more than that of the alloy, and the latter 5000 to 6000 tons of cost. Currently used in textile machinery.
Rare earth cemented carbide
Hard alloy is used in metal cutting, drill and mould, etc., its hardness and strength are high, but the bending resistance is poor and easy to beat. Rare earth additive with a binder and hard phase WC, tic with ball milling of Ti prepared hard alloy raw material powder, then press sintering process production of hard alloy, bending strength is increased by about 15%, increase the hardness of the 0.5RHA, the service life is increased by more than doubled.
Rare earth magnesium alloy
The rare earth magnesium alloy has a wide range of application prospect in reducing the weight of the aircraft and improving the tactical performance. The rare earth magnesium alloy developed by China Aviation Industry Corporation consists of 10 grades of cast magnesium alloy and wrought magnesium alloy, which have been used for production and quality stability. The rare earth element has a great effect on the heat treatment in the magnesium alloy. In the cast and modified magnesium alloys, the addition of neodymium and yttrium significantly increased the strength and process performance. , ZM6, ZM2, ZM4, BM6, magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy, has, BM25.


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