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Safety Measures of Using Aluminum Alloy Scaffolding

In order to ensure the construction safety, ensure the progress of the project smoothly; in the use of aluminum alloy scaffolding should be in accordance with the following safety regulations for construction:
Demolition of aluminum alloy scaffolding must undertake by the professional Jia Zigong, and regular physical check-up, which had not suitable for high-altitude operator, not aluminum alloy scaffolding work.
Second, set up the aluminum alloy scaffolding, construction workers must wear safety helmet, wearing a seat belt of, the tools should be put in a bag of tools, must wear non slip shoes to work.
Three, aluminum alloy scaffolding of the escalator must be outside the frame alone, and must be connected with the aluminum alloy scaffolding. You must not use a straight ladder inside the scaffold.
Four, the construction site, such as the construction of aluminum alloy scaffolding, non electric cable can not pull wires.
Fifth, build aluminum alloy scaffolding started when, should at any time in accordance with the provisions of the good aluminum alloy scaffolding and thematic structure of bracing work, also should be set together with Professor Aluminum alloy high drop safety net.
Six, encountered bad weather, in the impact of the construction safety, can not carry out high-altitude scaffolding work.
Seven, it is strictly prohibited to push on the scaffolding on the extra material, to ensure the smooth flow of aluminum alloy scaffolding to prevent over load.
Above is the aluminum alloy scaffolding in the construction should pay attention to several points, hope can give you some help.


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