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Technical Analysis of Electroplating Process for Aluminum Products

After the end of the pre disposal of the plating on the aluminum products, the process can be entered into the aluminum.
Regardless of which kind of pre disposal method, after the end of the first step into the plating process is flash copper plating.
Flash copper plating
At that time, it was the first time to use the plating bath with a flash plating bath.
At the end of the copper flash after, to fully cleaning and disposal activation, activation by 1% ~ 3% sulfuric acid solution, it is assumed that the electroplating is acidic copper or nickel plating and after activation without washing can be directly into the plating bath. If it is assumed that other alkaline plating solution, especially cyanide plating solution, after the activation must be two times after the washing to enter the bath.
Central Deposit
The copper flash back, according to requirements of the commodity programs or skill of center coating electroplating processing, practice center coating can also say is bottom coating, copper flash just in order to ensure loose talent and the connecting force and receive a skill of coating, reaching commodity on the coating requirements, according to the appearance after all coating to choose center coating. Such as plating copper, nickel or other can be used as the center or the other can be used as plating or skills. It is assumed that the surface coating is plated with silver is even more important in the copper flash after appropriate thick coating, such as the selection of acidic bright copper and must again by flash silver (or electroless silver plating) talent in appearance, after all, electroless plating. In this chapter, the general skills, copper, nickel and other skills can be used to do the plating on the central coating.
Exterior coating
Exterior coating is also the intent of the coating on the surface of the aluminum plating, so the decoration of the coating, but also so the functional coating. On the electronic plating, the plating on the aluminum is mostly functional coating, a small amount of external loading both functional and decoration effect. Pure decoration coating limited to the frame handle, knob, label etc..


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