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Foamed Aluminum

Several common acoustical materials.

Acoustic material (mainly refers to the sound absorbing material) relates to the life, in the United States, only 1 per cent of the acoustic material for music recording field, more is for residential, hotel, restaurant, office building, stadium etc. the building decoration. Domestic acoustic materials are common in the following:
The first is sponge soft: this material high risk coefficient, KTV, hotel ceiling with this material, which is flammable and can only echo cancellation, not when the use of insulating materials. "This thing is that we often say rolls. Fill the sponge, so there are not fire retardant, but combustion."
In addition to security, it sound-absorbing effect is not stable, because the sponge is made is the raw material of non-stop stirring, heating and pressing. The whole process, temperature, power and it has no unified standard, and the density of each batch of sponge are not the same, sound-absorbing the effect is not the same.
The second is polyester fiber panels: this material can be made into a variety of colors, very beautiful and convenient installation, but its advantages are also limited, no effect to the sound.
The three wooden sound-absorbing panels: many enterprises to study abroad, to see people with wooden sound-absorbing material are very beautiful effect or come back to school, decoration also package layer of wood. In fact, the surface of the wooden sound-absorbing material, the real effect of the sound is behind the sound cavity. Of course, there is no any sound-absorbing effect. Along with the change of time and environment, the wood absorption board is easy to deformation, and the waterproof property is relatively poor.
The fourth is: glass wool glass wool is a chain silicate in nature in the form of fiber. Naked eye not see fibers float on the air, long-term inhalation can lead to glass cotton pigmentation disease, human body absorption and excretion can not afford, serious harm of the respiratory system, even induce lung cancer, lung abscess; in addition, to the skin, the eye also have hurt, regular contact with glass wool is prone to contact dermatitis, conjunctivitis, keratitis. In many developed countries, the use of glass wool is strictly limited.
The fifth is foamed aluminum, foam aluminum and aluminum foam, foaming aluminum with excellent physical properties, chemical properties and mechanical properties and recovery, is a kind of material, lightweight, incombustible, does not produce harmful gases, reverberation absorption and so on. Foamed aluminum stable performance, with the passage of time, sound absorption effect will not decline, Putai foamed aluminum after oxidation treatment, longer service life, high purity aluminum as raw materials, permanent recycling.


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