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Alumina, also known as the aluminum oxide, volume 102, often referred to as "alumina" is a white amorphous powder, insoluble in water, commonly known as bauxite, corundum.
In 1961, General Electric (GE) produced a "Lucalox", for a transparent alumina in sodium.
Chinese name alumina
English name oxide/Aluminum oxide Aluminum
Don't call three two aluminum oxide, corundum, bauxite, alumina
Chemical Al2O3
Molecular weight 101.96
CAS accession number 1344-28-1
EINECS accession number 215-691-6
Melting point 2045? C
Boiling point 2980? C
Water soluble insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alkali and acid
Density 3.5-3.9g/cm3
Exterior view white amorphous powder
The product is not limited to the pipe system.

Data show that China is the world's largest producer of alumina, the 2010 global output of alumina for 5635.50_wan million tons, China's alumina production of 2895.50_wan million tons, 20.14% year-on-year growth, the share of global 51.38%. 2010 China's alumina surface apparent consumption reached 33.21 million tons, the annual growth rate of 14.05%, net imports of 426 million tons, bauxite imports reached 30.19 million tons. The foreign trade dependence degree was 39.71%, alumina external dependence degree of 47.26%.
With the rapid development of China's electrolytic aluminum, ceramics, medicine, electronics, machinery and other industries, the market demand for aluminum oxide still has a large growth space, alumina production will continue to grow. From 2005 to 2010, China's alumina output data binding, it is expected that 2011 China's alumina output will reach 33 million tons, the growth rate was 14%, 2012 will be in 2011 based on continue to grow, and production will be more than 38 million tons.
In addition, in view of China's construction area in the construction area continued to grow substantially, and due to the continuous implementation of urbanization, the future is very optimistic about the prospects of aluminum. Expected in 2011, China's alumina demand grew by 15% to 38190000 tons; in 2012 the demand will reach 42000000 tons of alumina, an increase of 10%.
Basic information
Traits: difficult to dissolve in the water white solid, no odor, tasteless, qualitative hard, easy absorption of moisture and non deliquescent (the burning of moisture). The two sexes can be dissolved in inorganic acid and alkaline solution, almost insoluble in water and non polar organic solvents; relative density (d204) 4; melting point 2050.
Storage: sealed dry preservation. SCRC100009
Used as an analytical reagent, organic solvent dehydration, adsorbent, organic reaction catalyst, abrasive, polishing agent, smelting of raw materials, refractory materials.


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