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The Method of Choose Aluminum Windows

Identify the pros and cons of aluminum profiles, the material used in the main 6 aspects can refer to:
1: The thickness of aluminum alloy sliding door has 70 series, 90 series of two kinds of aluminum alloy, the housing interior sliding doors with 70 series can be. Series number indicates the number of dimensions of the door frame thickness. Aluminum alloy sliding window has 55 series, 60 series, 70 series, and four series 90. According to the window size and selected a series of local wind pressure value set. Aluminum alloy sliding window used as a closed balcony should be no less than 70 series.
2 Strength: tensile strength should reach 157 per square meter of Newton, yield strength to reach 108 per square millimeter Newton. The time of purchase, a hand moderately curved profile, let go after should be returned.
3 Colors: same root aluminum alloy profile color should be consistent, such as color difference is obvious, that is not to buy.
4 Flatness: check the surface of aluminum alloy profile should be no depression or drum out.
5. The gloss: aluminum alloy doors and windows to avoid the purchase of surface opening bubble (white) and ash (black), and crack, burr, skin and other obvious defects profiles.
6 Oxidation degrees: oxide film thickness should reach 10 microns. Can be in the shape of the surface of the material under the same light; see whether the surface of the oxide film can be erased.


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