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Application of Aluminum Alloy Casting

Advanced equipment is an important factor to guarantee the quality of products, but the role of the mold in the casting is also very important. Especially for aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy automobile parts manufacturing enterprises, the accuracy and durability of the mold is very obvious impact on product quality.
Black metal casting, mold more is in order to form a mold cavity, generally die itself does not directly contact with the liquid metal, especially for complex shape of non metal mold casting is so, contact with the hot liquid metal is molding materials, mainly sand, which makes modeling materials become the main factors affecting the quality of castings. And aluminum alloy gravity casting is different, due to the low melting point of aluminum alloy, casting performance is good, in the mass production, the shape of the casting is generally produced directly by the mold, such as engine aluminum alloy cylinder block and head, which not only can improve the labor productivity and more important is through adjusting the mould in different parts of the temperature distribution, to control the casting microstructure and grain size and improve the quality of the casting, at the same time, to avoid the extensive use of plastic materials caused by environmental pollution, improves the labor conditions in the workplace.
With the complexity of the shape of the casting, gravity casting die for aluminum alloy is also different. Even if the same parts, the use of different casting process, the mold form is often different, but no matter how, the gravity of the aluminum alloy casting mold or have their common.
First of all, we must choose the appropriate casting process; the casting process is directly related to the quality of the casting and the production rate of the process. Some domestic mold manufacturing plant, has begun to use solidification simulation of casting process design, by computer simulation of filling and solidification process, found easy to produce hot parts of the casting defects and be overcome, which to improve the casting process design of reliability, effectively prevent mold in the debugging process unnecessary rework, is very important and useful.
Secondly, the mold should have a good capacity of heat capacity. Meet the requirements of a solid frame and module is not only the effective guarantee of the service life of the die, and mold for continuous work in the process of temperature field of regulation has very important role. Some mould factory, in order to reduce the cost, material saving, blindly reduce mold effective thickness in order to achieve the objective to reduce the weight of the, special do not know this not only greatly reduce the service life of the die, and the casting is easy to deformation, affect the dimensional accuracy of castings, serious when will lead to casting volume scrapped, losses are caused to the foundries, more serious is the damage to the reputation of the mold factory.
Third, the mold should have a more reliable cooling system and pull out system. By cooling, not only can effectively enhance the labor productivity and regulation of casting temperature field, control the cooling rate of castings, thereby affecting the casting internal organization structure and grain size, to achieve the purpose of effective control of the mechanical properties of the casting. As the name suggests, pull out gas, is artificially the type of cavity inside the gas discharge to the cavity to reduce the possibility of casting defects of the pores. At the same time, it is important to prevent and overcome the aluminum alloy cracking and shrinkage.
Fourth, we must have to match the mold positioning device and convenient mold installation system. Positioning device is not only ensure casting size, reduction of phi key joints and burr, but also assure casting machine normal work key, it can be said, positioning device of mold is not good, there is no good qualified casting. Mold must be convenient installation and disassembly, because aluminum alloy  gravity casting, every certain period of time must split molds to spray paint and repair mode, if inconvenient disassembly, is bound to increase the labor intensity of the workers, occupy more labor hours, reduce production and efficiency.

For the foundry, the quality of the mold means high quality castings; it means that the lower cost, higher output value and profit.


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