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How to Choose the Bathroom and Kitchen Ceiling?

There are generally two parts to consider the installation of aluminum buckle ceiling, a bathroom, a kitchen, at this time, the choice of aluminum buckle ceiling should be considered.
Aluminum buckle pattern on the market range, but there are only two types: hollow colorful flat, white flowers. So, what should be paid attention to when choosing?
The bathroom ceiling to choose a hollowed out pattern
Bathroom ceiling mounted, housing space height will reduce a lot (upstairs sewer seal in the ceiling above), in the bath, especially in winter, water vapor to spread around, if space is very narrow, people will soon feel oppressed, not good even in danger, but fan enable air circulation would undoubtedly too cold.
At this time, the hollow flower type ceiling will play a good role, it will make no impediment to evaporate, and because of its thin pattern isolation layer, the space air temperature difference, water vapor rises to the ceiling above, quickly condenses into water droplets and can not drop fall on the human body of water vapor.
The ceiling of the kitchen to choose a flat type
First, the color can be more than a choice, can make their own kitchen has a different charm, to give yourself a good mood; two is a good clean, this is the most important. Kitchen, there will be a lot of smoke, even if you cook the number of less, one or two years after the discovery of the kitchen is clearly a lot of color. When you want to clean, the ceiling is a very important part, almost 70 to 80% of the fumes from the ceiling.
If you choose a hollow ceiling, it is equal to not clean the, because the smoke had infiltrated the hollowed out in, but flat ceiling does not exist the problem, wipe with a cloth, with a brush, can, quickly fix. I have already done this job, the effect is very good. Although a wide variety of building materials on the market, but the heart has ten not from the idea of eight or nine, shopping building materials market is also a kind of enjoyment.


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