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Aluminum Alloy Glass Doors

With the partition of the decoration market hot, compartment door has the honor to share this market cake. The door to the door is actually the aluminum alloy glass door, but it is used in the decoration of the high compartment environment. So the question comes, the advantages of aluminum alloy door where? Contrast to other materials of the door, why it can become the darling of the market?
Characteristics of aluminum alloy door:
1. A lightweight, high strength: aluminum alloy material is combination of hollow thin-walled section, convenient use, light weight, and the cross section has a high bending strength, made of aluminum alloy and glass doors durable and small deformation.
2 good sealing performances: aluminum alloy itself is easy to squeeze, the cross-sectional size of the material is accurate, high precision machining. Seal groove strip is fixed, has been accompanied by the section in the extrusion molding process together with the completion, to seal installation seamed material to create favorable conditions, the installation of the fit is very high, so that the sealing effect is very good.
3. Good appearance: aluminum alloy surface after treatment, showing ancient lead liver copper, gold, silver and other different colors, can choose the space big, through the oxidation of smooth and shiny.
4 strong corrosion resistance: aluminum oxide layer does not fade, do not fall off, do not need to paint, easy to maintain.
The characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and steel doors; aluminum alloy door has the following advantages:
1. Light weight, high strength. Density is only 1 / 3 of steel
2. Good sealing performances. The sealing performance directly affects the function and quality of the door. The sealing performance includes the aspects of air tightness, water tightness, heat insulation and sound insulation, etc., but also has certain ability to fire.
3. Good durability. Aluminum alloy door is not rusty, not fade, not fall off, almost no maintenance, even if need to repair is very convenient, spare parts service life is very long, the overall reduction of the cost of decoration.
4. Elegant decorative effects.


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