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Characteristics of Aluminum Silicate Insulation Material

Product features:
One, green harmless
40-800 in construction, aluminum silicate thermal insulation material is a new type of green inorganic coatings, is a one component packaging materials, non-toxic harmless, has excellent sound absorption, high temperature resistance, water resistance, frost resistance, shrinkage rate is low, the overall seamless, no cold bridge, bridge formation, quality is stable and reliable, the anti seismic performance is good, anti negative pressure capability is strong, light weight, heat preservation performance is good and has a good and easy, water retention, strong adhesion, surface layer not hollowing, construction not pendulous, sagging, reduce consumption, combustion performance for A-class non combustible material: temperature degrees of quench heat insulation layer cracks, do not fall off, do not burn, acid, alkali, oil and so on.
Two, water absorption
To make up for the traditional wall thermal insulation coating in the presence of water absorption, easy to aging big volume shrinkage, easy to cause the product in the late strength is low and hollowing cracking reduces the thermal insulation coating phenomenon, and overcome the polystyrene particles insulation paint is flammable, fire of high temperature difference produce harmful gases and weather resistance low, flexible etc. defects. Aluminum silicate insulation material is wall insulation materials in safety factor is the highest, comprehensive performance and workability of the most ideal insulation coating, can according to different medium temperature wipe optimum economical thickness, much better than the cost of the same material properties.
Three, sealed solid
Solid molding, strong adhesive force, convenient construction fast effectively shorten the construction period, and is not affected by the insulating body geometry constraints, especially within and external wall insulation, central air conditioning under feeding air system and specific surface insulation, put an end to the traditional material slot leakage and energy loss, constitute the overall sealing. Products in accordance with the "building insulation mortar" GB/T20473-2006 implementation standards, and to achieve national fire and environmental protection requirements.


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