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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Alloy Radiator

The advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy radiator

1. Heating and efficiency: water flow, water resistance, low energy consumption system, to take the heat dissipation mode, to enhance the temperature and speed;
2. Comfort: steel it has the characteristics of large molecules, suitable for water molecules penetration; use will not feel obvious drying;
3. Easy to clean: the surface is smooth, not easy to fouling, will not form a dust;
4. Decorative: uniform spraying, bright colors, the use of new, never fade, optional styles;
5. Environmental protection and health: rapid heating, low carbon and energy saving, green environmental protection, no harm to the body health, at a high temperature does not produce odor.
Steel radiator in anti-corrosion function itself is does not have, mainly manufacturers to do anti-corrosion treatment, but the treatment is uneven, there are some defects and steel radiator easier to oxidation.
Aluminum alloy radiator is now one of the household to choose radiator material. Compared to the other materials in the shape have certain advantages, but corrosion should pay attention to, as far as possible use of formal manufacturers of brand products.
The biggest drawback of aluminum alloy radiator is easy to corrode, Water Leakage accident occurred. Aluminum alloy radiator spot more, compared to other types of radiators, prone to leakage probability is greatly improved; general steel is susceptible to oxidation corrosion, if used in a more complex environment, oxidation and corrosion rate will accelerate. But with the development of modern science and technology, aluminum alloy radiator anti-corrosion technology has reached an unprecedented level, which St. Lawrence deep-sea anticorrosion technology is living in the world leading level, greatly enhanced the corrosion resistance of the radiator, prolong the service life.
From the above analysis, we can see that brand of aluminum alloy radiator has both advantages and disadvantages, efficient heating, comfortable and beautiful, the price is cheap, but in view of the shortcomings of the radiator, used for security reasons, consumers in the choose and buy when try to choose the high quality of the products, to buy the famous, strength, technology advanced, but also the choice of good installation and after-sales service providers, to ensure good quality of installation and after-sales service.
Aluminum alloy radiator consists of steel plate radiator and steel column radiator two, aluminum alloy radiator appearance is beautiful, selectivity, thermal stability, low carbon and energy saving, green environmental protection by the trust of the majority of users.


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