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The Knowledge of Lvkou

Metal ceiling ago from Europe and other countries, ten years, aluminum ceiling decoration (mainly aluminum and magnesium smallpox) are considered high-end products, prices are around 200 yuan, domestic few people use, now with improved technology and techniques Reconstruction aluminum ceilings on prices began to rationalize.
The history of smallpox
Ceiling is mainly used in airports, railway stations, office buildings, shopping malls, subway stations and residential areas. The first generation of products for gypsum board, mineral wool board;
Generation PVC
The third-generation products are metal ceilings. Now plaster board, mineral wool board is constantly improved, waterproof plasterboard and acoustic mineral wool board. But they plate single, easy to scrub for the next frame keel installation, used for the project. With the improvement of people's quality of decoration, home decoration now have basically used aluminum buckle ceiling to do it.
The development prospects of smallpox Lvkou
Because Lvkou plate more, smooth lines and rich colors, good appearance, more fire, moisture, easy to install, easy to clean, etc., designers and customers according to the color of furniture and floor color to buy ceiling, Earth's welcome by the consumer, has been recognized by the world. From the ceiling gypsum board, mineral wool board, PVC, aluminum buckle development so far, has been quite a long time. When Lvkou pre-coating plate came only after the development of the film roll and then, (including film used for home improvement,) this film now on the market for the PVC film, emerged in Japan a PET film production, and more environmental protection, as it seems, Lvkou prospects in the coming years is very good.
The major factor in determining Lvkou quality, price positioning
Aluminum material for the ceilings are aluminum, there can be aluminum (aluminum is too soft, not strong enough). However, due to the different mechanical properties resulting in different aluminum alloys, the ceiling material for the domestic aluminum alloy content is approximately divided into five grades:
First grade: aluminum-magnesium alloy, and contains part of manganese, the biggest advantage of this material is a good antioxidant capacity, and because there is manganese content, it has a certain strength and stiffness, is the best material to make smallpox. Performance aluminum smelter in the southwest of the country's most stable.
Second grade: aluminum-manganese alloy, the material strength and rigidity slightly better than the aluminum-magnesium alloy. But antioxidant capacity was slightly lower than the aluminum-magnesium alloy. As both sides protective treatment, basically solved the antioxidant capacity better than magnesium alloy good shortcomings, west of aluminum and aluminum performance domestic aluminum Rui Min most stable.
Third grade: aluminum, manganese alloy, the less magnesium content. So its strength and stiffness were significantly lower than the aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum-manganese alloy. But its antioxidant capacity was significantly better than aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum-manganese alloy. And processing and transportation and installation process is easy to deform.
Fourth grade: ordinary aluminum, the mechanical properties of this material is not stable.
Fifth grade: This board is the raw material of aluminum processing plant will melt beaten aluminum ingots, do not control the chemical composition. Out of control due to the chemical composition, properties of these materials are very unstable, leading to serious uneven surface of the product, product deformation, and easily oxidized.
From the above there are several grades of raw materials points, we can easily analyze each of the ceilings after forming quality assurance. Best Lvkou, their main raw materials are used in Southwest aluminum magnesium alloy plate and aluminum Rui Min, the aluminum-manganese alloy plate. Now many people think that the thicker plate like, there are several kinds of raw materials by the above analysis we can know, the case of the same raw material, so the more the better thick sheet, but the case of fifth-grade plate, then a thick is not. Also in the surface treatment, and some manufacturers of raw materials did not reach a certain thickness, but the thickness of this statement in order to pursue, in the surface treatment, the more spray a layer of paint. Ordinary consumers in the purchase of aluminum buckle on the original board material can not have a good understanding, the easiest way to hand the feeling of strength and hardness of aluminum.
Analysis of the surface treatment
Currently ceiling surface treatment is: film, roller, spray three, including best film board.
Currently good coating material "LG" Korean company's products, the film is used for smallpox before, mainly used for refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances. After years of tests, its performance is stable, fully guaranteed commitments fifteen years do not change color. Now the market has a lot of ceiling surface treatment, also known as film, but a film country, after forming plate called laminating film board. There is also a pearl plate, the surface looks almost covered plate, but it is simply not the film, it is only when the electrostatic spraying, in advance plus pearl powder paint inside the spraying. This plate prone to color, generally two or three years it will change color, paint chips


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