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Aluminum Basics Knowledge

First, the natural properties
Aluminum is a light metal, its compounds are very widespread in nature, the earth's crust aluminum content of about 8% (wt), second only to oxygen and silicon, living in third place. Aluminum is the world known as the second metal, second only to its production and consumption of steel. Aluminum has a special chemical, physical characteristics, is one of today's most commonly used industrial metal, not only light weight, firm texture, but also has good ductility, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance and resistance to nuclear radiation, is a national important basic raw materials for economic development.
Aluminum proportion is2.7, density is about 1/3 of the general metal. The conductivity of the commonly used aluminum wire is approximately 61% copper, thermal conductivity of half silver. Although extremely soft and rich ductility aluminum, but still reliable cold and made it to harden alloys. Bauxite is an important source of aluminum, making a pound takes about two pounds of bauxite, alumina, aluminum manufactured pound also need two pounds of alumina.
Second, species classification
According to the main ingredient of aluminum ingots can be divided into three categories: High purity aluminum (aluminum content of 99.93% - 99.999%), industrial high purity aluminum (water content of 99.85% the amount of aluminum - 99.90%), industrial aluminum (Al The content of 98.0% - 99.7%).




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1000 Series Aluminium coil Alloy:1050/1060/1070/1100/1200 Temper:HO,H14,H24,H16,H18,H22,H26
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