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What is Lvkou, aluminum veneer and APCP?

Lvkou smallpox generally refers to the thickness of the aluminum plate 1.2mm or less.
Lvkou key lies not in thickness, but in the use of materials, home plate 0.6MM it, because Lvkou there is no question that span as steel plate, the key selected in the board's flexibility and toughness, followed by surface treatment.
Aluminum veneer
Aluminum veneer generally refers to more than 1.5mm thickness aluminum sheet.
High quality aluminum panels to the substrate, advanced CNC bending technology to ensure the plate after processing can smooth deformation, anti during installation force superior performance, uniform surface color, UV radiation, oxidation, and corrosion-resistant super.
The use of aluminum veneer building walls, and column, advertising signs, balconies, partitions package decoration, outdoor decoration, vehicles, furniture, stands, instrument housings, subway shipping tools.
Ceiling materials technology is constantly updated, the first generation product is gypsum board, mineral wool board; second generation PVC; third-generation products are metal ceilings. European standard care Pu first profiled metal ceiling decoration, modern decoration elements into the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, square pass, coupons and other products, so that modern design practices and the perfect blend of green materials, has become a leader in shaped metal decoration!
Lvkou currently on the market can be divided into three classes: first class aluminum-magnesium alloy, and contains part of manganese, the biggest advantage of this material is a good antioxidant capacity, at the same time as adding the right amount of manganese in the strength and rigidity of some increase, is the best material for the ceiling; the second aluminum-manganese alloy, the sheet strength and stiffness slightly better than aluminum-magnesium alloy, but slightly less antioxidant capacity; the third category of aluminum alloy, the plates are manganese, magnesium compared less, so its strength and stiffness were significantly lower than the aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum-manganese alloy, antioxidant abilities.
APCP is through chemical treatment for aluminum coating layer material, polyethylene plastic as core material, processed on special aluminum composite panel production equipment made of composite materials.
APCP itself has unique properties, determine its versatility: it can be used for building facades, curtain wall, renovation of old buildings, interior walls and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, Showcase frame, clean and dust project. APCP have been widely used in China, is a new building decoration materials.


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