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The five stages of promoting the rapid development of the domestic aluminum industry

Our aluminum industry from the beginning of the 1930s, the development of aluminum foil can be divided into five stages:
1932--1960 years infancy.
1961--1979 years of self-reliance development of small aluminum foil plant stage
1980--1999 years of rapid development stage to foil country forward;
2000 - 2007 for the restructuring as the main line to foil power forward stage.
2007-2012 phase of rapid development of aluminum industry
1. Although the early start of stagnation (1932- 1960)
Of aluminum foil production technology in the 1930s imported from Switzerland. 1932 Swiss Aluminum Company (A1uss ratio), Alcan (A1can) and the British Aluminum Company (British Aluminum) joint venture to create China aluminum steel finishing plant in Shanghai Yangpu District, before the founding of New China is China's only one foil rolling system works, mainly produces smoke 0.008mm aluminum foil bags, also produces a small amount of aluminum, aluminum, uses a double irreversible mill.
2. Self-reliant development of small aluminum foil plant (196l- 1979 年)
In 1960, China's white-line design and manufacture a full range of aluminum foil production equipment, and creating the highest level of small aluminum foil mill in subsequent production, the finished string 69%, and succeeded in producing national defense construction was needed 5A02,5A03 , 5A07,2A12 foil material.
3. The reform and opening up great development (1980-1999)
Since the reform and opening up is the golden period of development of aluminum industry, we have made great achievements attracting worldwide attention, and built a number of modern foil plant, such as the Bohai Aluminum Co., Ltd., North China Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. of Shun foil, Southwest Aluminum ( Group) Co., Ltd. aluminum plants, the Northwest aluminum processing plants, Huaxi Aluminum Co., Ltd., Alcoa (Shanghai) Aluminum Products Co., Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. and other sheet metal factory. This period is the modernization of Chinese aluminum industry, starting with the international market standards, as well as multinational Alcoa joint venture and cooperation with the construction period.
4. The aluminum power forward (2000 to 2007)
Since 2004, since net exports, net exports of aluminum foil of substantial growth year after year, 2007 net export volume reached 270.1kt. By the end of 2M with four rolls of aluminum foil rolling mill modernization of about 150 units with a total production capacity of about 1150kt / a, including the introduction of 77 sets, the production capacity of 424kt / a.
2002-2007, and in the construction of new mills as many as more than an aluminum foil, which, 1600.1930mm four wide aluminum foil rolling mill rolls more than 60, more than ultra-wide aluminum foil rolling mill 2000mm of 33 units for the highest in the world . In 2006, China put into operation and being debugged modern four-roll aluminum foil rolling mill 22, with a total production capacity of 215kt / a. Large modern aluminum rolling mill in 2006 the construction of 28 units, with a total production capacity of about 180kt / a, which may be put into operation by 2009.
The end of 2007, China has all kinds of aluminum foil production enterprises with more than 140, the production capacity of 1500kt / a or so, production of about 1100kt, where the double zero aluminum foil about 140kt. Four stages of the development of aluminum industry specializing in the production of aluminum bags, anti-static yin and yang bags, anti-static ziplock bag, printed aluminum bags, anti-static power grid bags manufacturers Prozac edited package.
5. 2007-2012 stage for the rapid development of aluminum industry
Modern industrial technology through the process of accelerating, aluminum industry has entered a booming, high-speed development stage.


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